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Australian Dynamic technologies has built a reputation on providing customers with the right system at the right price, and backing that with ongoing customer service and support. We service industry needs as wide and varied as air pollution, coal mining, on-line processes, greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural research and refineries.

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff with any questions you may have.

design and production

Installing the correct gas detection system for your needs will save your company time and money. Our years of experience and extensive know-how give us an advantage in designing the best custom system for any industry’s requirements. With top of the line products offering a range of advantages, we will carefully consider your needs and recommend the most suitable gas detection system.


ADT only sells for the highest quality manufacturers from Australia and abroad. Using our extensive range of suppliers we can tailor package the most appropriate gas detection system for your needs. Some examples of equipment we supply are:

  • Gas monitoring sampling systems;
  • Gas conditioning systems;
  • Process on line analysers;
  • Confined space personal and fixed gas monitors;
  • Fixed gas monitors for many applications, including car parks and plant rooms.

installation and commissioning

Our qualified electrical and instrumentation technicians can install and commission your gas detection system as per specifications as well as ensuring that site standards are met and signed off in an efficient and professional manner.

analyser calibration

Analyser calibration is imperative to the maintenance of your gas detection system. Over time, the sensors will experience a slight drift, which can lead to inaccurate readings if left unchecked. Analyser calibration at recommended intervals will keep your system accurate and reduce any risk of a false reading.

  • In-House Maintenance – At our calibration laboratory we have an extensive range of calibration gases in stock to service all of our products. We cater for analyser calibration, maintenance and repair of all devices from hand-held gas monitors to process analysers.
  • Field Servicing, Maintenance and Repair – Our qualified service technicians carry out routine analyser calibration, maintenance and repair of all types of gas monitors at many sites throughout Australia. From CO sensor calibration at small residential car parks to site safety system at oil refineries and coal mines, you can count on ADT to get the job done quickly and up to the highest standards.
we are here to help

Please don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and knowledgeable ADT staff to determine what type of system would best fit your needs.

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