dual channel analyser

Easy installation, commissioning an maintenance are just some of the features of this Boreal Dual Channel TDL Analyser. It is a plug and play all in one standalone gas detection system. The TDL Analyser allows for path lengths of 750m (max length depends on gas). It comes complete with 3 x 3x Configurable 4-20mA current loops and 3x Configurable Dry-Contact Relays.

The GasFinder3 Technology Platform is the next generation of Boreal’s industry leading, portable laser gas detector for ambient environmental, safety monitoring, and process control.


  • Almost instantaneous response and recovery times
  • No false alarms
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Analog and dry-contact relays
  • No interference with other gases
  • Can handle the coldest winters and hottest summers
boreal dual channel analyser
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