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Sonimix (SX) 2106

The Sonimix (SX) 2106 gas divider by LNI Swissgas is primarily used to calibrate and linearise gas monitors. It also has use as a reference in the automotive industry for exhaust emissions and on CEM applications to fulfill the ISO 14 481 normalisation. Binary mixtures from 0 to 100% can be generated in fixed steps. It has been manufactured according to the ISO 6145/6 norm and has been designed around the principle of gas flow passing through sonic nozzles. The gas flow through a sonic nozzle is proportional to the Pin (absolute inlet pressure) and is not dependent on outlet Pout (pressure) as long as Pout < Pin/2. In summary, pressure atmospheric changes do not influence the flow of the sonic nozzles.

Other applications for the Sonimix 2106 include:

  • Calibration of gas monitors
  • Generation of gas mixtures
  • Quality control of gas monitors

The Sonimix 2016 is highly accurate due to the technology utilized with the sonic nozzles and the high precision pressure regulator (+/-2 mbar). This technology provides a total mechanic process that is absent of electronic regulation.

The quality of manufacture is first class with stainless steel and gold plating (corrosive gas option only) utilized for all materials that are in contact of the gas. There is no plastic inside the product and certainly no leakage.

The Sonimix 2106 is a binary mixer, meaning that you can mix 2 cylinders (a diluted gas together with a balance or carrier) together.

If you are looking to automate the your gas mixing process, the device has a menu where you can configure through a scenario, different steps where the final concentration, cylinder and duration of mixture can all be programmed to your liking.

One question we receive from our customers is “do I need to make any manual calculations when using this device?” and the answer is no. The device will perform all the calculations for end concentration in function of the cylinder concentration, nature of the gas and the selected dilution ratio.

This is a quality product which provides best in class accuracy and stability. Includes the latest technology such as WIFI communication for remote commands.

Further information can be found directly on the manufacturers website.

No maintenance, remote commands via WIFI and smart auto calibration are just some of the features of the SX 2016.

SX 2106 Gas Divider Features

  • High accuracy and stability
  • No maintenance
  • Auto calibration and auto diagnostics
  • Corrosive gas compatible
  • WIFI connectivity for remote commands
Sonimix SX 2016 Gas Divider - Product Photo
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