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Honeywell BWClip MicroDock II

MicroDock II Dock Calibration System

Each MicroDock II Dock Calibration System from BW Technologies by Honeywell provides a fast and simple way to manage compliance and the automatic creation of accurate records. It is capable of keeping records, charging devices as well as automatic bump testing and calibration.

It is highly versatile in that up to six modules can connect via a single AC outlet. It assists with reducing maintenance costs and can verify the correct performance of gas detectors.

4 C-Cell batteries or 6V wall adaptor can be used as the power supply and a real-time clock delivers date and time stamps for last bump tests and last calibrations.

It has a convenient multi-media card storage system for data and is fairly compact at approx. 26cm in size (for the base station and one docking module).

The addition of more (self-contained) docking modules is made easy via plug-in connectivity. There is no need for gas lines or any external pressure transducers. The external interface runs at USB 2.0.

BW Fleet Manager II software is included with every device to allow for simple data analysis. Other accessories which are also available include a Network USB adaptor, Cal gas wall mount, handy MicroDock II portable kit, and Demand flow regulator.

We can provide competitive prices on the MicroDock II Docking Station as well as all of its accessories so speak to us today.

Portable Gas Detector Calibration System Features

  • Auto calibration and bump testing for GasAlertMicroClip, GasAlertClip Extreme, GasAlertMicro 5, GasAlertMicro and GasAlert Extreme products.
  • No requirement for a computer
  • Can be expanded to include 6 docking modules
  • 4 charging module maximum
  • Highly portable
  • Hands-free (automatic) bump testing and calibration
  • Audio and Visual alarm verification
  • Test record staorage
  • Fully self-contained
  • Extra modules can be easily added whilst in the field
  • Can be powered by four C-Cell batteries or line power
  • Connect multiple units via a Local Area Network (LAN)


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