Need a gas detector or gas analyser?

A family company with over 45 years of collective experience, Australian Dynamic Technologies (ADT) has built a reputation for leadership in the design and manufacturing of gas analysers, gas detectors and monitors.

Our experienced team is ready to help you improve productivity with our process control services. By offering consultations regarding new installations, upgrades or replacements, we can help you identify the best way to maximise your productivity and achieve a higher return-on-investment. With extensive industrial automation experience in various process industries our analysis capabilities will give you maximum productivity and return, reduced maintenance costs and less down time.

We supply a complete range of the highest quality gas products including hand held gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, gas analyzers, open path gas detectors, gas conditioning equipment, tube bundle systems and many more!


We design, produce, supply, install, commission, and calibrate a wide range of gas detection systems including gas monitoring sampling systems, gas conditioning systems, process on line analysers, confined space personal and fixed gas monitors.


Whether you need a solution for car park gas detection, coal mine atmospheric monitoring, coal mine gas monitoring, diesel emissions monitoring, sewage plant detection or water treatment plant monitoring, we have your needs covered.


gas detection and analysis equipment

Portable Gas

Ruggedised portable gas detectors designed for easy portability and calibration.

Fixed Gas

Fixed gas detectors which provide protection against toxic or combustible gases for set areas.


A range of gas analysers which provide reliable and precise results for continuous monitoring.

Open Path
Gas Detectors

Infrared open path gas detectors which are suitable for wide open area coverage.

Gas Conditioning

Gas conditioning equipment designed to pre-treat gasses prior to passing into other systems.

Tube Bundle

Hazardous Area Certified Tube Bundle systems designed for use in underground coal mines.

A family company,
with over 45 years combined experience.

our services


We design gas detection systems to suit your specific needs, saving you time and money.


We don’t just design top of the line systems, our experts produce and manufacture them as well.


We supply a complete range of gas monitors, detectors and conditioners from the highest quality manufactures.


We have a team of qualified electrical and instrumental technicians to install and commission all gas detection systems.


Our qualified staff are ready to keep your system accurate and reduce the risk of false readings ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Field Service and Repair

We repair all types of gas monitors at many locations throughout Sydney, New South Wales and all over Australia.