3 Industries That Could Benefit from Wall Mounted Breathalysers

Keeping employees safe in the workplace is a priority for businesses in any industry. One of the biggest mistakes that can put not just individuals, but the entire staff at risk, is drug or alcohol use in the workplace.

Some may regard it as harmless if they end up picking up a shift once they’ve had a few drinks, but in many ways, it poses a massive risk to safety as well as to the quality of work.

Utilising a wall mounted breathalyser to ensure that all employees, regardless of their position at the company, are sober and fit to work is essential in maintaining a safe and efficient workplace environment. We’ve compiled some of the industries that would most benefit from the use of wall-mounted breathalysers in their day to day functioning.

1. The Restaurant Industry

Running a restaurant is a fast-paced job with many facets. There are servers, hosts, cooks, even delivery drivers who must all be communicating, handling hot food, being near ovens, stoves, and sharp tools, interacting directly with clients. In the case of delivery drivers, they will also be operating machinery.

It is no wonder then that there are so many injuries as well as complaints and drops in ratings each year to restaurants that employ someone who drinks on the job. Installing a wall-mounted breathalyser is the first step in protecting your company and your employees from dangerous and inefficient practices.

With a wall mounted rather than a compact personal breathalyser, checking for traces of drugs or alcohol can happen along with clocking in. It can be placed right next to the clocking in computer or system, so that employees can pass through this two-step sign in before beginning their shift.

2. Trucking Companies

As discussed previously, anyone handling or operating machinery under the influence of drugs or alcohol can put your company at risk by injuring themselves or others in a company car. Trucking companies especially need to watch out for employees who may be using these substances, as they are not in the office and are not managed on as much of a personal level.

These risks though can be much vaster and horrifying to imagine, which is why a wall mounted breathalyser has been a favourite among owners of companies in this industry. This unit would allow for BAC level testing prior to individuals getting into their vehicle. First and foremost, this keeps the driver safe, but secondarily, it also gets rid of much of the company liability that would have fallen on the owners in the event of an incident.

Wall-mounted breathalysers are preferable to compact personal units because they are better for high volume testing of employees. In contrast, the personal unit is more suited for occasionally testing individuals over long periods of time.

3. Construction Companies

The risks of operating machinery under the influence are especially high for construction companies. Not only are these employees operating construction vehicles like cranes or forklifts, but they are also making quick decisions and doing measurement work that must be precise in order to work for the final result.

With any type of hindrance to brain functioning, there is the possibility of huge mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars in redoing hours of work. It can also set back the timeline for when the job will be completed. Because of this, breathalysing employees can be essential in ensuring quality, productive work.

A wall-mounted breathalyser is the perfect solution for this type of work environment. These units can easily be installed and set up in any location, so they can be on-site for a crew for the duration of a construction project. For the safety of employees and bystanders, as well as the efficiency and quality of the work being done, wall-mounted breathalysers are the perfect solution.

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