3 Reasons Why Gas Detectors Must Be Calibrated

In recent years, technology has developed and adapted exponentially, and for the better. The invention of gas detectors has played a huge part in health and safety, as these devices are able to identify various gases in the atmosphere as well as the concentration of said gases.

This new technology has significantly reduced the threat of imperceptible but deadly gas leaks. To invest in a gas detector is highly encouraged and more accessible than you might guess thanks to companies such as our own, Australian Dynamic Technologies, but what is equally important is regular calibration it once you have it.

1. Your Health and Safety

First and foremost, the paramount reason that gas detectors even exist are to protect people. Gas leaks can occur unexpectedly and without notice until it is too late, but with gas detectors they can be discovered and mended before serious damage can be done. These devices are typically portable, affordable, and accessible for people to find, purchase, and use, which are all encouraging traits to possess when it comes to a device that could save your life.

Gas leaks like carbon monoxide are more often than not undetectable but can result in life-threatening circumstances, which is why protecting yourself and others from this possibility is imperative.

The precautions you can and should take with gas leaks are highly available due to the development of this invention, and result in little to no excuses as to why anyone should not pursue said precautions—after all, the price you pay could be a life.

2. The Conditions that Can Regularly Affect a Gas Detector

Gas detectors may not function optimally depending on the environment they are set in, as plenty of natural conditions can waver their gas detecting abilities.

For instance, something as seemingly harmless as leaving a gas detector in an extreme environment, such as hotter or more humid than it is designed to function in, can thwart its detecting abilities. Being consistently exposed to high levels of toxic gases can also damage its performance, but considering its purpose, that may lead to another problem entirely.

Like many pieces of equipment, gas detectors can also fall to ruin if physically damaged, so it is highly suggested to take good care of your device and keep it from being dropped, getting wet, overheating, etc. Calibration is very important both for gas detectors and gas analysers.

3. The International Safety Equipment Association

Above all else, there is also an internationally safety-driven endorsement behind keeping up to date with the efficiency of your gas detector. The International Safety Equipment Association feels very strongly about the proper use of these devices due to their role in workplace safety (as well as residential, commercial, and more).

They urge that individuals inspect and calibrate their gas detectors each day before use to ensure the utmost efficiency as soon as possible. Gas leaks are severely hazardous as well as capable in endangering the health and lives of many in no time at all, which is why such institution-wide precautions are recommended and enforced, especially in large populations such as a day-to-day workplace.

To Conclude

Consistently calibrating your gas detector and paying attention to its function is imperative to the livelihood of you and those around you, whether they are family members, roommates, pets, or coworkers. Gas detectors may be incredibly helpful tools, but it ultimately is up to you to make sure they are working properly.

If you need any assistance concerning the purchasing or calibration of gas detectors, that is just some of our many supplies and services offered. We know the importance of having a gas detector and maintaining its efficiency for the sake of yourself and those around you – get in touch today with any queries about yours or wanting to get one.

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