4 Advantages of Using Multi-Gas Microclip Detectors

Measuring hazards in the atmosphere is critical for people who are responsible for overhaul activities after a fire or for a hazmat response. It also can help to determine if there is a need for respiratory protection. There are numerous types of instruments on the market that detect and measure the airborne levels of various toxic gasses and vapours.

These gas detection devices are extremely beneficial for industrial hygienists as well as anyone who oversees emergency and firefighting responses. However, knowing which type of device would be the most beneficial is a complicated question to answer as there are many differences between the various types of devices. Many professionals who use this type of equipment prefer to use portable multi-gas microclip monitors due to the following advantages they provide.

#1. Efficient Size

One of the biggest advantages of using a portable detector is their size. Most portable devices are not much bigger than 5x3x2 inches, which means that their size will not be an issue when having to investigate confined spaces where larger detection devices would not be able to fit. The small size also means that the weight of the device won’t be an issue when working for extended periods of time.

#2. Enhanced Ease of Use

One quality that is found in almost all portable gas detection devices is that they are relatively easy to use. Most devices feature easy to read LCD displays that are fairly intuitive to the needs of the user. Many units also offer one button simplicity, so the user can toggle between and check different functions by pressing a single button.

These devices are not only user friendly but also tamper proof, so that there is little need to worry about accidentally changing the device settings. In addition, most portable detectors run a self-diagnostic test upon start-up to ensure that the battery status, circuit integrity, sensors and any audio or visual alarms are working properly.

#3. Impressively Long Lasting

Many devices have two options available for their power source. They can either be powered with rechargeable power packs that can be easily changed out while working, or they have the option of being powered with traditional AA batteries.

A benefit of using the rechargeable battery packs is that there are adapters that allow you to charge up to five devices at one time. Combine this with a battery life between 12-18 hours, and you’ll find that your device has more than enough battery power to last an entire shift.

In addition to an extended battery life, many devices have oxygen sensors that can last upwards of 4 or 5 years without needing to be replaced. Several of the devices also come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is good for 3 years, ensuring that these devices are protected. The only maintenance required is regular recalibrations.

Significant factors that contribute to indoor pollution concern include stoves and heaters without flues, animal fur or dander, mould, dust, chemicals from paint or glues, cigarette smoke, and more. These create a central hub of air quality issues that make the home unsafe for residents.

Furthermore, natural pollutants arise from natural events like windstorms, pollen, and bushfires. Dust storms reduce visibility as well as negatively affect air quality, often adversely affecting people’s health.

Many people experience breathing problems, asthma attacks, or allergic reactions. If exposed for too long, there is a risk for heart disease and chronic lung and breathing problems.

#4. Sturdy Design

Most portable devices are built to operate in extreme environments with an IP (Ingress Protection) 68 rating. The ingress protection rating refers to the ability of an electronic device to resist any intrusion by water, dust or any other thing that might cause a device from working properly. The first digit indicates how well the device is protected from solid objects while the second digit refers to the amount of protection from liquids that the device has.

An IP rating of 68 means that the device is dust tight and therefore should not allow any dust to get inside of the device. It is also protected from immersion in liquids for a specific amount of time that the manufacturer has tested the device against. A rating of 68 is about as well protected as a device can be.

The ability to monitor potentially harmful gasses is of paramount importance for people working in any profession where there is a risk of gas leakages or other toxic fumes. This is why workers in these fields need to have devices that enable them to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. With manufacturers providing long lasting, easy to use pieces of equipment that are well built and housed in a small package, it is understandable why personnel opt for portable multi-gas detection devices.

It isnt easy sometimes choosing the right detector for your needs, how do you know which option is best for carbon monoxide? Which detector has the lighest weight? Give our team a call today and we will be happy to assist you.

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