4 Businesses in Sydney That May Benefit from Using Portable Gas Detectors

Regardless of the company, factory, or general place of work, health and safety of the employees are always the top priorities an enterprise should have. Plenty of laws have been put into place as needed to facilitate the safest, healthiest, and most efficient work environment in order to maximize comfort as well as performance.

Sydney, Australia is home to some of the most highly renowned companies in the globe, and thus should act accordingly with regards to protecting its workers. Nearly, if not every, institution could benefit from incorporating and maintaining portable gas detectors, but we decided to comb through these specific ones to name a few:

1. Coca-Cola Amatil

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s largest beverage companies, and Sydney is just one of their many bottling locations. Considering the extensive workforce necessary to get this sort of job done as well as the various chemicals, many harmful, that also exist in its environment, portable detectors should be mandatory in order to account for Coca-Cola’s employees’ health on a consistent basis.

2. National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

Workplace safety is imperative everywhere, but most especially is it significant in the research facilities that specifically study health. As a place of research, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre not only has a decent amount of traffic going in and out, but is an institution that is nation-wide and thus responsible for the extensive amount of people coming into such an establishment.

If the NDARC had portable gas detectors, not only would its employees and visitors be protected from potential gaseous harm, but its research would not be tarnished by the presence of elements unaccounted for.

3. Benitec Biopharma

The development of new technology has enabled hundreds of thousands of new careers, businesses, and areas of study. Benitec Biopharma is just one of these many products, a company founded on the basis of biotechnology such as fighting diseases by manipulating the DNA itself.

As such a technology-dependent institution, Benitec Biopharma is bound to utilize gas in some way, and as such, should consider the regular use of portable detectors in order to better prevent that gas usage from going awry and dangerous.

4. Australian Worldwide Exploration

Perhaps the company in our list that needs it most is the Australian Worldwide Exploration, a business that produces gas and oil from Australia’s very own reserves. Naturally, this opens up the enterprise’s susceptibility to gas leaks and various health hazards as a company that works with gas and oil on a consistent and close basis.

If every business like the Australian Worldwide Exploration had portable gas detectors, it would significantly reduce every employee’s susceptibility to harm considering the vital nature of these gases in regards to the company and its function. We’re sure they do employ the use of detectors already – but having multiple devices, including portable ones, ensures that if one machine fails, another is sure to detect any dangerous gas levels.

Final Considerations

More businesses than not are at risk for gas leaks and gas-related safety concerns. As portable gas detectors are pieces of equipment that guarantee health and safety above all else, there is no reason not to have them in enterprises with people in them, let alone a constant workforce. Schools, hospitals and other largely-populated public places should all be equipped with advanced-level detectors to ensure the health of everyone inside the buildings.

Thankfully, here at Australian Dynamic Technologies we provide the means and services to ensure that nobody has to experience any gas-related circumstance that could compromise their safety – or that at least if they do, they will be informed before a serious situation can arise. Get in touch with us today to learn more about securing your own portable gas protector.

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