4 suprising reasons why you may need a gas detector

It’s incredibly important to equip your workplace with a properly functioning gas detector from a reputable company. A gas leak can result in health risks for those exposed to it, but it can also cause a number of other surprising consequences – here are just 4 that you should be aware of. There are many things you need to consider when buying a portable gas detector and below we have listed some of the surprising reasons why you need one.

1. Your Employees’ Health Depends on It

In any workplace, it is incredibly important to consider the safety and wellbeing of those working in the space.

A gas leak can increase the levels of natural gases, primarily methane, in an enclosed space. This methane pushes the oxygen out, leading to primary stages of asphyxiation. These initial symptoms include dizziness, light-headedness, headaches, and fatigue. Over time, prolonged exposure can cause these symptoms to worsen until an individual passes out. They can even be fatal.

Without a properly functioning gas detector, there is no way to measure the concentration of harmful gases in a space, and no way to know when there might be reason to evacuate or leave the workplace as a result of these risks.

2. The Structural Integrity of Your Building May Be At Risk

In the event that gas has escaped, beyond health risks, there is also the risk of building destruction. When methane leaks into a space, the air in the space becomes highly flammable. This means that if a detector is not present to warn individuals about the presence of gas, they may continue using electrical appliances in the space. If some spark is ignited in a space filled with flammable gas, there is a strong possibility that the gas will be ignited and cause a workplace explosion.

3. It’s the Law

Beyond the actual physical consequences of being without a portable gas detector, there are business or industry consequences as well. In any workplace, the health and safety of the occupants is the responsibility of the business. As such, there are regulations in place that mean consequences for companies that don’t comply.

According to industry best practices and regulations, gas detectors are required by law. OSHA has placed rules regarding the way companies must function to ensure the safety of their employees. In order to appease these governing bodies and avoid penalties, it is important to make sure that your company’s gas detectors are up to code.

This not only involves the installation of these gas detectors, but the inspection and upkeep of them as well. Maintenance of these devices is incredibly important, as they can be rendered dysfunctional as a result of dirt and debris build-up.

The best and easiest way to inspect your device without having to call in a professional is through the “bump test.” This test involves exposing the gas detector to gas that it should be able to detect, without having to cause a gas leak in the building. This can be done by utilising an aerosol can of gas, or other methods. If the detector responds, you will know that it is functioning properly.

4. Workplace Accidents

With the addition of methane into the space, and the reduction of available oxygen, employees begin to experience those early asphyxiation symptoms. With these symptoms, they may be prone to a workplace accident or injury. This is especially so in cases where workers must be lifting heavy things or operating machinery carefully.

If an employee suddenly becomes dizzy and lightheaded and about to pass out while carrying heavy boxes upstairs, they may be prone to fall. Regardless of the physical strenuousness of the task they are completing, the employee’s ability to do the job will be significantly affected by these physical factors.

A gas detector would indicate an addition of these gases to the space, which would let the employees know that they may be impaired physically in the space and should cease strenuous tasks or operating machinery that requires care and precision.

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