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Do you need to monitor an enclosed space such as a commercial or industrial building, large facility structure or office block? Our range of building gas detection solutions allow for monitoring of carbon monoxide and other gases in various infrastructure settings. We have solutions for toxic off-gassing, flammable gas leaks and refrigerant gas leakages.

Applications may include mechanical offices, office towers, shopping centres, swimming pools, fitness facilities, schools, conference rooms, universities, auditoriums, tunnels and more.

Our expert team can build a specific solution based on your monitoring needs. We have years of experience in identifying requirements, selecting appropriate components and designing the right instrumentation for your environment.

Honeywell Sensepoint XCL
Sensepoint XCD
Honeywell BW Solo
Touchpoint Plus Controller
FS24X Flame Detector
Searchline Excel Edge
RAEGuard 2 PID
Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector
SS2 Flame Detector
SS4 Flame Detector
FSL100 Flame Detector
Unipoint Controller
Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas Detector
Honeywell Midas-m
Manning EC-FX-NH3
IR-F9 Manning AirScan
301C Controller
Sensepoint XRL
Scentinal SL50 Air Quality and Odour Monitoring Station
Single Beam NDIR Biogas Analyser – ZPAF
Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser – ZAJ
NDIR CO2 Controller ZFP9
In-situ Oxygen Analysers
Infrared Gas Analysers
Thermal Conductivity Analysers
Hydrogen Analysers

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