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How did you response to COVID-19? We’ve kept ourselves safe and healthy by careful protection yet without effective information. Now it’s time to be out of the woods.

At Aust. Dyna Tech, we help you and your people to live in safer and healthier facilities. Towards that end, real-time data about air quality is essential. And that starts with our one-stop solution for indoor air quality (IAQ).

School Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Globally, COVID-19 noticeably raises awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ), especially for students and education practitioners across the educational stages. Check how we can help you to smash stale or polluted air adversely.

Measuring indoor CO2 concentrations, relative humidity and temperature is part of a strategy developed to ensure that the best possible learning and working environment is provided at all times for students and school staff. With accurate indoor air data, well-ventilated classrooms are achievable.

Real-time readings of three comfort parameters (CO2 concentration, temperature and the level of relative humidity) allow schools to make changes more gradually and quickly in the affected rooms by, for example, adjusting the inflow of outdoor air or completely air out a classroom during a break.

School leadership can use the analysis results to identify trends and target buildings that require broader intervention plans and/or larger scale corrective work

School Air Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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