Perimeter Monitoring

Australian Dynamic Technologies supply a range of gas monitoring solutions designed for detecting gas and vapour leaks over large dispersed areas.

Fence line and perimeter gas monitoring can be used to setup a pre-defined detection barrier around a specified location that have the potential for danger arising from gas leaks. Such gases can include benzene, methane and other volatile organic compounds. Continuously monitor your environment for harmful gases with a perimeter monitoring solution from Australian Dynamic Technologies.

Our solutions can actively monitor combustible hydrocarbon gas concentrations at lengthy distances. We only source equipment from the world’s leading suppliers to ensure you end up with the best solution for your environment. Our perimeter and fence line monitoring products come with all the features you need including long-life batteries, convenient wireless connectivity, multiple sensor configurations, simple setup and central monitoring.

With their durability and accuracy tested in a range of environments, you can count on the reliability of Boreal Laser open path gas detectors to increase the safety of your work environment. Combining high responsiveness with protection from false alarms, this type of gas detection system is an economic, low maintenance choice for monitoring gas levels in even the harshest environments.

With a wide range of open path gas detection systems available, Australian Dynamic Technologies will make sure you find the right system for your specific needs.

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