Water Treatment

Water treatment plant workers can be exposed to numerous hazardous odours. Water sewage and purification plants by their very nature produce a range of toxic and combustible gases. Australian Dynamic Technologies supply gas detection solutions from Honeywell Analytics that are perfectly suited to protecting water treatment workers from associated occupational health and safety airborne hazards.

The gas hazards produced within the wastewater industry can vary based on application, process and location, therefore we usually recommend a combination of portable and fixed gas detection.

The most popular disinfectant for water treatment is Chlorine given it provides residual disinfection downstream. We recommend active montioring of all stages of the chlorination procress, from the chlorine storage tanks to the final clean water production.

Our professional staff are knowledge on associated Australian standards AS/NZS 3497-1998: Drinking Water Treatment and AS/NZS 4348-1995: Water supply – Domestic type water treatment. We would be happy to design a solution specific for your needs. Potential hazards can include Chlorine, sulphur dioxide, gases from chlorinator or ozone generator rooms and daff plants.

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