Boreal GasFinder3-MC Field Mounted Multi-Channel TDL Analyzer

Boreal GasFinder3-MC Field Mounted
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The Field Mounted GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) provides you with the following advantages:

  • Hazardous Area Use: The GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) has been certified for use in (A) Ex ib IIC T5 Tamb <70C Gb. Which is equivalent to Class 1, Division/Zone 1, Groups: A, B, C, D. This product is also suitable for use within SIL2 Applications.
  • Use up to Four (4) Measurement Heads: Any of the six (6) available Remotely Mounted Measurement Heads can be used with the GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel). Each Measurement Head or Channel is treated independently and will have its own independent outputs.
  • Dual Gas Capability: The GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) has the ability to have any two (2) lasers be used for the independent analysis of two separate target gases.
  • Up to 300m (1,000ft) Cable Lengths: To connect the GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) to the Measurement Heads, up to 300m (1,000ft) of Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling (FC/APC Connectors) and Shielded CAT6/5e Cabling (RJ45 Connectors) can be used.
  • HMI Touchscreen: Gone are the days of requiring a Laptop or a Hand Held Communicator to install or support end-devices. The HMI Touchscreen provides operations with Local Indication and enables Technicians to have full access to a intuitive User Interface.
  • Laser Analyzer Module: Within the Laser Analyzer Module are critical analytical components such as the Laser and Electronics. The Laser Analyzer Module has been designed that it is easily removed for service, upgrade, or replacement. In some critical applications, redundancy may be important and End-Users can rest assured that a Spare Laser Analyzer Module can easily be swapped out in less than 5 minutes.
  • USB Accessible Data Storage: The GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) has the ability to store all of its generated data over its entire lifespan. This is easily accessible via a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive or Memory Stick. The GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) automatically bins the Logfiles into timestamped 24 hour periods. The Logfiles are in CSV Format and can easily be visualized with our Excel Macro.
  • Measurement Head Terminals: There is plenty of space within the Enclosure of the GasFinder3-MC (Multi-Channel) to terminate the Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling (FC/APC Connectors) and Shielded CAT6/5e Cabling (RJ45 Connectors).

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