Boreal GasFinder3-MCR Rack Mounted Multi-Channel TDL Analyser

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The GasFinder3-MCr Assembly has the following configurable options:

  • Number of Channels: The GasFinder3-MCr can be configured for Two (2), Four (4), Eight (8) Channels.
  • Target Gas #1 (and #2): Select both the Target Gas and Range appropriate for the application.
  • Cable Connections: There are two options: CAT6/5e Cables for GasFinder3 Measurement Heads (CAT) or Coaxial Cable for GasFinder2 Measurement Heads (BNC).
  • Analog Modules: Determine if Four (A4) or Eight (A8) Analog Loops are Required.
  • Relay Modules: Determine if Six (R6), Twelve (R12), Eighteen (R18), Twenty-Four (R24), Thirty (30), or Thirty-Six (36) Relays are required.
  • Hazardous Area Use: The GasFinder3-MCr (Rack Mounted – Multi-Channel) has been certified for use in (A) Ex ib IIC T5 Tamb <70C Gb. Which is equivalent to Class 1, Division/Zone 1, Groups: A, B, C, D. This product is also suitable for use within SIL2 Applications.
  • Use up to Eight (8) Measurement Heads: Any of the six (6) available Remotely Mounted Measurement Heads can be used with the GasFinder3-MCr (Rack Mounted – Multi-Channel). Each Measurement Head or Channel is treated independently and will have its own independent outputs.
  • Dual Gas Capability: The GasFinder3-MCr (Rack Mounted – Multi-Channel) has the ability to have any two (2) lasers be used for the independent analysis of two separate target gases.
  • Up to 300m (1,000ft) Cable Lengths: To connect the GasFinder3-MCr (Rack Mounted – Multi-Channel) to the Measurement Heads, up to 300m (1,000ft) of Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling (FC/APC Connectors) and Shielded CAT6/5e Cabling (RJ45 Connectors) can be used.

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