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The GasFinder3-OP is a field deployable Open-Path Tunable Diode Laser (OP-TDL) based gas analyzer system that is primarily used for:

  • Leak Detection – provides immediate and unambiguous detection of fugitive gas releases in industrial safety applications
  • Ambient Monitoring – Continuously monitors gas concentrations over open area and/or point sources for environmental monitoring applications

This technology is also most commonly referred to as Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD) or Line of Sight (LOS).

This particular technology is ideal for detecting or monitoring for a number of different Toxic, Combustible, Hazardous, or Greenhouse Gases.

How it Works:

  • Boreal’s TDLAS technology counts every target gas moleculein the measurement path to give a path integrated ppm-m concentration
  • This analyzer utilizes amono-static configuration with the analyzer being a transceiver and having a passive retro-reflector returning the laser light
  • A tilt-pan scanner can be utilized to enable one analyzer to monitor multiple paths
  • No interferencewith other gases

  • No memory effects

  • Data collection and interpretation is simple and intuitive

  • Built for winter and summer
  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Sophisticated self-diagnostics
  • Can providean independent sample or reading every second


Detectable Gases

  • Methane (CH4)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCI)
  • Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
  • Acetylene (C2H2)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)

Features & Benefits

  • Large spatial resolution (path lengths up to 750m)
  • Can provide an independent sample or reading every second
  • Cannot be poised or mechanically over ranged
  • No interference with other gases
  • No memory effects as each sample is independent from the last.
  • Data collection and interpretation is simple and intuitive.
  • Built for ambient winter and summer conditions.
  • Minimal maintenance and intervention
  • With no moving parts, the system has a long life span.

GasFinder3-OP Technology

  • All new digital / electronics based platform
  • User friendly touchscreen with graphic displays
  • Analyzer can easily be updated through USB port
  • Practically no temperature related reading drift over an ambient range of -40C to +50C
  • Better sensitivity and lower minimum detectable limit (MDL) Significantly increased dynamic range
  • Reliable and stable operation in light levels down to 5% of ideal conditions
  • Available real-time Pressure and Temperature compensation
  • Data I/O Interface Options: Serial (RS-232/485), Modbus, 4-20mA, USB, Ethernet (Static IP or DHCP)
  • New Protocols Available: FTP, Telnet, HTTP (coming soon)
  • View live GasFinder3-OP data string on touch screen
  • An oscilloscope is no longer needed, you can now visualize the arrays on the touchscreen

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