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Boreal Remote Point Assembly
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At a glance, here is what you need to know about the Remote Point (RPX) Probe which makes Fixed Point Gas Detection Measurements.

Remote Point RPX Probe Information

The Remote Point (RPX) Probe Assembly has the following configurable options:

  • Cable Kit Length: From 5 to 300 m of Cabling between the Remote Point (RPX) Probe and the GasFinder.

The Remote Point (RPX) Probe is comprised of the following components:

  • Open Path (OPX) Head: This houses the Optical Bench which performs the transceiver functionality and where the Fiber Optic and CAT6/5e are connected.
  • Perforated Cage: This provides mechanical protection to keep rain, snow, sleet, condensation, dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating on both the Transceiver and Retro-Window.
  • Gray Tape Retro-Array: These are like sections through a thousands of cubes and has three faces that form the inside of a cube and regardless of the angle of incidence of the incoming laser beam, the laser light is always reflected at 180° back to the Optical Bench.
  • Mounting Brackets: These allows technicians to easily mount the Remote Point (RPX) Probe either directly to a wall, Uni-Strut, or other flat surfaces.

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