Calibration Stations

An essential piece of equipment for simplifying Bump Testing and Calibration of Single-Gas & Multi-Gas Portable Gas Detectors is a Portable Gas Detector Calibration Station. Bump Tests, Calibration and saving gas detector calibration information can all be done automatically at the Calibration Stations. The units are charged, bumped, calibrated, and recorded to a USB flash drive, a computer system, or a computer network.

Before each use, Honeywell BW recommends that you “bump test” the sensors to ensure that they are able to respond to gas by exposing the detector to a gas concentration that exceeds the alarm set points. Make sure the audible and visual alarms are turned on. If the readings do not fall within the acceptable range, calibrate it.

Before using the detector for the first time or on a regular basis, calibrate it and then check it again after roughly one year. The ideal time to calibrate your camera is 180 days (6 months) before the end of its warranty period, according to BW Honeywell.

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