Do i need an open path gas system

In the event of a deadly build-up of toxic or combustible gas, it is important to be able to both detect the gas and rectify the situation quickly and safely. This helps to maintain a safe work environment for all occupants of the building or area. For this reason, there have been consistent innovations in the department of new and innovative gas detection technologies.

The open path gas detector system is one of many innovations that have been implemented in some of the most efficiently run workplaces in the world in order to reduce and prevent possible incidents. It utilises capabilities not previously offered in regular gas detection technologies, making it the perfect choice for a number of building types and workplaces.

Whether your workplace is a hangar or maintenance facility, a manufacturing plant, pharmaceutical warehouse, or food processing/cold storage location, this technology can keep your employees and your assets safe from possible damage caused by toxic or combustible gas.

Distance Is No Issue

With many gas detecting systems, if the space is too large, the technology will be rendered ineffective. This requires the placement of several of these devices throughout the space, and even then, they still may not detect the gas if it is spread out enough. This makes these spaces incredibly unsafe.

With an open path gas system though, larger spaces can be monitored just as well as smaller ones. Your job won’t always be in an enclosed warehouse space, but it will need to be maintained safely.

Whether your space is spread out over several acres or is isolated and surrounded by ocean, the open path system can detect just about anything. Your workers and your plants, platforms, and buildings can be rendered safe.

Hangars, facilities, plants, warehouses, and larger, at-risk facilities can benefit greatly from this product, especially when accompanied by a regular gas detector.

Accessibility Is Key

One of the most efficient new characteristics of this device is that it can hook up to mobile devices for easy usage. Oftentimes, user error with devices like these can cause major issues that lead to accidents or injury. Because of this, it is important to utilise devices that are user-friendly and easily operated.

The open path gas system can link to a device the user will most likely already be quite friendly with, their mobile device. This means it can be accessed easily minute-by-minute while on the job. It can be monitored even when in difficult or confined spaces where it might not be possible to lug a larger device around that can’t easily fit in your pocket.

Rather than having to move from one wall-mounted monitor to another and not being able to check the air for long periods of time, the mobile capabilities allow for gas levels to be checked anywhere, anytime, and easily.

These devices aren’t just accessible to employees. They also connect to wireless data networks in order to quickly and efficiently move data to individuals who could help rectify the situation in case of an emergency. This means a faster response time and a safer workplace.

A Smarter Plan for a Cost-Effective Workplace

For a safer and more efficient workplace, most companies utilise an open path gas system along with their regular gas detectors. This combination saves time and money. It allows the detection and rectification of the situation to occur faster and more efficiently.

The placement of these devices also tends to remain out of the way of important things going on in the space. This means that they don’t interfere with day-to-day functioning. Your busy workplace won’t have to deal with being held up by checking the gas levels. Instead, they can simply utilise their mobile device and not have to reach the device itself, which is out of reach and out of the way.

Outfit Your Workplace with an Open Path Gas Detector

At Australian Dynamic Technologies, we offer a range of open path gas detector products, including portable options and dual-channel and multi-channel analysers. Call today and we’ll be happy to discuss what options are best for your workplace.

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