Fuji Electric ZRE Gas Analyser

Fuji Electric ZRE Infrared Gas Analyser
Fuji Electric

The Fuji Electric ZRE Gas Analyser is an infrared gas analyser is built to measure concentration levels of NO, CH4, SO2, CO2, O2, and CO in sample gas with capacity to measure up to five of these components simultaneously. This analyser is well suited for compact system designs and offers easy maintenance via a large-sized LCD screen.

This unit is optimum for use as a measurement system for combustion exhaust gas from refuse incinerators and boilers or various industrial furnaces.

Various optional functions such as auto calibration control, high and low concentration alarm, remote range switch and range identification signal are all available.

Depending on the number of components as well as the range, this unit has a response time of ≤ 60 s. 90% response from the gas inlet.

The device is small and light (under 8kg) but don’t be fooled by its size, it is capable of measuring up to five components. There is no need for extensive maintenance given the single-beam system negating the need for optical adjustment. The inbuilt LCD screen provides for ease of use and there are various other features including auto calibration control, alarms for high and low concentrations as well as a remote range switch.

Further information is available on the official Fuji Electric website.

  • Compact design

  • Long-term superior stability

  • Easy-to-see LCD

  • Optional functions include: auto calibration, concentration alarm, remote range-switching, and more

  • Hardly affected by moisture interference

Features & Benefits

  • Small and light – the size is small 133x483x418mm (HxWxD) and light (8kg). But it is capable max. 5 component measurement in one analyser.
  • Easy maintenance – Because of a single-beam system the measurement unit is simple with no need for optical adjustment. Therefore, maintenance is easy.
  • Easy operation – Operation can be carried out smoothly in an interactive way through a large-size LCD.
  • Abundant functions – Various optional functions are available such as auto calibration control, high and low concentration alarm, remote range switch, and range identification signal etc.

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