Here’s What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Gas Monitor

Technology has allowed for safety in all areas of life to be much more accessible and efficient than before, and the fact that gas monitors are an attainable piece of equipment distinctly improves the health and safety of individuals everywhere.

Gas monitors have become a mostly commonplace device now, due to the unquestionable and unrivaled functions they provide in identifying gas-related threats and still being easy for everyone to use and understand. While this is extremely encouraging and a step in the right direction of ensuring the health and safety of everyone in every establishment, these detectors still need to be kept up with in order to guarantee consistency in their efficiency.

Here is some key information for you to know:

Keep Equipment in a Safe, Protected Place

Just as you would not mount your guitar on the wall with little more than rope, make sure you put your gas monitor in a place that is secure and protected. Physical damage to the monitor can very quickly tarnish the efficiency of your gas detecting equipment.

Leaving in extreme temperatures for too long or exposing the monitor to a heavy concentration of a particular gas, for instance, are also situations you do not want to subject your gas monitor to, as it may then be damaged irreparably. Cleaning the equipment should also be void of any liquids or solvents.

Regular Use and Bump Testing

When it comes to monitors and safety equipment, frequent use is more often than not the best way to guarantee performance. This practice “exercises” the device in a way that establishes and repeats its necessary function, and is referred to as “bump testing.” Bump testing is the reason for fire drills in schools and bunker drills during war-time—to ensure both the tester and the witnesses that the drill is in working condition.

Bump testing should be enacted regularly without wearing out the device, usually meaning once a week to once a month. Any more than every seven days and you could be in danger of over-using your monitor.

Professional Services

Getting your gas monitor serviced is another way to maintain the working order of your device. Unlike bump testing, this should really be executed by a professional to guarantee optimal service and efficiency, but is suggested to be done closer to every six months as opposed to every month.

This service can also be regarded as gas detector calibration, which is imperative to the best possible working condition of your equipment. Due to the specific needs this process requires, a professional is highly encouraged in order to achieve those particular standards. Once the process is complete, however, the gas monitor should be fully calibrated and returned to its most favorable working order to best identify gas concentration in the atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

If it is goods and services relating to gas monitors you seek, our company Australian Dynamic Technologies specializes in the most efficient gas-related detecting equipment. We know what it takes to keep an establishment safe and protected, be it residential, commercial, or of any other variety. We are aware of the needs that a gas monitor requires, and can assist you in its maintenance for optimal function.

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