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Honeywell BW Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector
BW Technologies by Honeywell

The latest in wearable 4-gas detection.

Just clip it on and get the job done. Because for 2 years, you know – IT’S ON. When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need no hassle gas detection you can count on: the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 four-gas detector. Wearable, easy multi-gas detection that’s always on. No charging, no battery replacement, no hassle. Simpler, low cost of ownership guaranteed by the Honeywell commitment to quality, and backed by a full ecosystem of supporting technologies. When you clip on the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 you know – it’s on.

Always On: 2-Year Continuous Runtime.

Once activated, you can rest assured that the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 is always on. The Honeywell BW™ Clip4 is easy to wear and use. Lower your maintenance costs with two years of continuous runtime without charging and no battery or sensor replacements. Simply turn your new detector on and then after two years replace it for a new one.

  • No hassle. No charging. No sensor/battery replacements
  • Durable, ergonomic and wearable
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Real-time gas concentrations shown on LCD
  • Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Oxygen

  • Combustible Gases

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BW™ Clip4 Datasheet
BW™ Clip4 Manual
BW™ Clip4 Quick Guide

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, ergonomic and wearable — doesn’t weigh you down
  • Compact profile — even working in tight spaces, you won’t know you are wearing it
  • Simple one-button operation
  • User-friendly tamper-proof operation with just one button
  • Intuitive LCD icons
  • Real-time gas concentrations shown on LCD
  • Flashing red non-compliance indicators warn workers that the detector has not been bump tested according to schedule
  • Daily full function self-test of sensors, battery status, circuit integrity, and audible/ visual alarms
  • Compatible with IntelliDoX docking system and instrument management system
  • Built-in concussion proof boot
  • Tested to last in extreme environments
Technical Specifications
SIZE 12.0 x 6.8 x 3.2 cm / 4.7 x 2.7 x 1.3 in.
WEIGHT 233 g / 8.2 oz
TEMPERATURE -20 to +50°C / -4 to +131°F
HUMIDITY 5 – 95% RH (non-condensing) continuous
ALARMS AND TYPE Visual, vibrating, audible (95 dB); Low, High, TWA, STEL, OL (over limit)
SELF-TEST Activated detectors automatically perform one internal diagnostic test every 24 hours (sensors, battery, and circuitry).
TYPICAL BATTERY LIFE Two years, continous operation
EVENT LOGGING 70 most recent event
USER OPTIONS • Adjust STEL period (5-15 minutes in 1 minute intervals)
• Calibration span levels
• Calibration interval
• Bump test interval
• Select combustible gases measurement: 0-100% LEL
(Lower Explosive Limit) or Methane gas 0-5.0% v/v
• Calibration due date (1 to 365 days, or set to zero for off)
• Individual sensor enable/disable
• Latching alarms
• Stealth mode
CERTIFICATIONS Class I, Div 1, Group A, B, C, D
Class I, Zone 0, Group IIC
ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
Conforms to all applicable European directives
WARRANTY Full two-year warranty including sensors and battery
Gas Measuring Range Resolution
HYDROGEN SULFIDE (H2S) 0 -100 ppm 1 / 0.1 ppm
CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) 0 – 1,000 ppm 1 ppm
OXYGEN (O2) 0 – 25% vol 0.1% vol.
0-100% LEL 1%

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