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Construction industry workers such as builders, electricians, plumbers need to be prepared for a range of different health and safety hazards that can plague their work environment.

Prolonged exposure to airborne hazards like dust, toxic gases, fibres, and chemical solvents which may have evaporated into the air can have an adverse effect on an individuals health.

Australian Dynamic Technologies can help ensure you are ready for anything with our range of gas detection solution that are perfectly suited for the construction industry. Common applications include car park monitoring, gas meter rooms, chiller plant monitoring and area gas monitoring.

Gas Detection for the Construction Industry

Honeywell Sensepoint XCL
Honeywell Midas
Construction Breathalyser
Touchpoint Plus Controller
Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector
Unipoint Controller
Honeywell Midas-m
Manning EC-FX-NH3
IR-F9 Manning AirScan
301C Controller
Sensepoint XRL
B-Series General Purpose
B-Series Double Head General Purpose
B-Series Heated Head
J-Series Flameproof
J-Series General Purpose
J-Series Heated Head Dia-Vac Pump
J-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head Elevated
M-Series Double Head General Purpose
M-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Double Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Double Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Quad Head General Purpose
R-Series Quad Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Heated Head Dia-Vac Pump
R-Series Elevated Single-Head Hazardous
Single Beam NDIR Biogas Analyser – ZPAF
Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser – ZAJ
NDIR CO2 Controller ZFP9
In-situ Oxygen Analysers
Infrared Gas Analysers
Thermal Conductivity Analysers
Hydrogen Analysers

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