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When biodegradable waste decomposes, landfill gas is produced. There are two main components of landfill gas, methane (which accounts for approx 50%) and carbon dioxide (which makes up the remaining 50%).

Methane (CH4), is a potent greenhouse gas which has around 25 times the global warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2). Methane is odourless and highly flammable.

Carbon dioxide, is the more popular, or ‘well-known’ greenhouse gas, it is also odourless but non-flammable and is present in our atmosphere.

Australian Dynamic Technologies supply a complete range of portable monitors for analysing gases which exist from landfill and/or contaminated land areas.

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Boreal GasFinder3-OP
Boreal GasFinder3-DC Dual Channel
Boreal GasFinderMC Multi-Channel Monitor
DR1000 Flying Lab Drone Air Quality Analyser
GasAlert Max XT II
BW GasAlert MicroClip XL
Honeywell BW Clip4
GasAlert MicroClip X3
Honeywell BW GasAlertQuattro
GasAlertMicro 5 Series
Honeywell BW Solo
Honeywell BW Ultra
Honeywell BW Clip
MicroDock II Dock Calibration System
Confined Space Kits
Honeywell Midas
Sensepoint XCD RFD Fixed Gas Detector
XNX Universal Transmitter Gas Monitor
Series 3000 mkll and mklll transmitters with sensor
Touchpoint Plus Controller
Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector
Unipoint Controller
Honeywell SPM Flex
Manning EC-FX-NH3
IR-F9 Manning AirScan
301C Controller
Sensepoint XRL
B-Series General Purpose
B-Series Double Head General Purpose
B-Series Heated Head
J-Series Flameproof
J-Series General Purpose
J-Series Heated Head Dia-Vac Pump
J-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head Elevated
M-Series Double Head General Purpose
M-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Double Head General Purpose
R-Series Dia-Vac Pump Single Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Double Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Quad Head General Purpose
R-Series Quad Head Hazardous Area
R-Series Heated Head Dia-Vac Pump
R-Series Elevated Single Head Hazardous
Boreal GasFinder3-OP Portable Open Path TDL Analyser
Boreal GasFinder3-MC Field Mounted
Boreal GasFinder3-MCR Rack Mounted Multi-Channel TDL Analyser
Boreal Open Path (OPX) Head Assembly
Boreal Remote Point Assembly
Boreal Remote Point Assembly
Boreal Extractive Measurement (EMX) Cell Assembly
Boreal Insertable IPX Probe Assembly
Boreal Gascart
Single Beam NDIR Biogas Analyser – ZPAF
Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser – ZAJ
NDIR CO2 Controller ZFP9
In-situ Oxygen Analysers
Infrared Gas Analysers
Thermal Conductivity Analysers
Hydrogen Analysers

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