Miners can be exposed to some of the most dangerous environments across the globe. Each day they find themselves exposed to different occupational health and safety hazards which need to be carefully planned for. without proper preparation, miners may find themselves being exposed to hazards that may not become apparent until it is far too late.

Australian Dynamic Technologies supply a suite of reliable and affordable gas detection solutions that are well-suited to the mining industry. Our detectors can help ensure miners reach of a level of safety needed to perform their jobs without the risk of prolonged exposure to gas hazards.

Our capabilities include:

  • Tube Bundle Systems
  • Solar Powered Goaf Gas Monitoring Systems
  • Solar Powered Line Integrity Test Skids
  • Gas Drainage Plant Analyser Shelters
  • Underground Seal Panels
  • Marshaling Panels
  • End of Line Filters
  • Single Tube and Multi-core Tube Bundle
  • Gas Sampling Equipment, IECEx Pumps, Filters, Water Traps, fittings

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