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Workers who perform oil and gas drilling can find themselves regularly exposed to potentially hazardous substances and materials. Such health hazards can include toxic chemicals, for example hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), and/or confined space gas exposure.

Our gas detection systems are well-suited for a range of oil and gas applications to increase safety in exploration, refining, and plant turnarounds. Our solutions include the features you need such as flexible configurations, quick deployment and central data storage and reporting.

We provide gas detection solutions to improve worker health and protect your valuable assets. Our solutions allow you to stay one step ahead at all times. Browse our range of the latest, most reliable and affordable technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Monitoring

MKS Precisive 5 Gas Analyser
Honeywell BW Solo
XNX Universal Transmitter Gas Monitor
Honeywell BW Ultra
Honeywell BW GasAlertQuattro
Honeywell BW Clip4
GasAlert Max XTII
Sensepoint XCD
GasAlertMicro 5 Series

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