JCM-300 Peltier Sample Gas Cooler

JCM-300 Peltier Sample Gas Cooler
JCT Analysentechnik

The JCM series gas cooler from JCT is based on the peltier technique of cooling. This proven technology allows for an extremely robust compact cooler that is also very lightweight, hence it is ideal for use in applications with limited space.

The JCM series coolers are available with a range of options that can include moisture monitoring, integrated peristaltic drain pumps and/or temperature alarm.

These compact gas coolers have corrosive resistance high quality heat exchangers and are ideal for gas analysis or water analysis.

  • Very powerful compact complete unit with condensate removal and condensate monitoring

  • High flow rates of up to 250 Nl/h

  • Very low wash out ratios even at high water vapour concentrations in the sample gas

  • High inlet dew points possible

  • Reliable condensate separation

  • Extremlely precise long term stable dew point even under varying loads

  • Maximum operational safety

  • Low maintenance operation

  • Easy to maintain design


  • New modular designed compact construction
  • New heat exchanger JHEX-4 in different materials
  • Intelligent digital control electronic
  • Applicable up to high ambient temperatures
  • Integrated condensate pump as option
  • Integrated condensate monitoring as option
  • Status contact for temperature threshholds as well as for condensate alarm
  • Visual alerting via LEDs
  • Self monitoring with deactivation of the  external sample pump in case of alarm


  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission and process monitoring
  • Continuous drying of sample gas to a precise low and constant outlet dew point
  • Minimises water vapour cross sensitivities and volumetric errors

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