JH3F & JH3FR Heated Sample Lines

JH3F Heated Sample Lines
JCT Analysentechnik

Lightweight and flexible allowing tight bend radiuses for reduced installation time and costs.

Heated sample hoses are used to transport the measured sample gas from the sample probe to the analysis system. The elevated temperature of the hose maintains the integrity of the sample gases without loses due to moisture drop-out or dissolution.

The hoses are manufactured using a special heating element that extends the life of the hoses and prevents “cold spots”, whilst the high quality insulation allows excellent temperature control with minimum heat loss.

  • No condensate formation, no freezing

  • Robust external protection

  • Excellent insulation

  • Optimal heat deployment

  • Customer-specific executions

  • Easy exchange of the inner core (JH3FR)

  • Long lifetime

  • Kink protection


  • Regulated heatable to max. 200°C
  • External protection corrugated jacket of Polyamide
  • Heat insulation with thermo fleece
  • Ready for use
  • Interchangeable inner core for JH3FR
  • Second core for e.g. calibration gas as option
  • Inner core reinforced with stainless steel braid


  • For extractive gas analysis
  • For emission and process monitoring
  • For transport of sample gas from sample point to analysis system
  • To stay safely above the acid dew point
  • For protection against measured value falsification and frost
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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