JHAF Heated Filter integrated in Heated JCT-Sample Lines

JHAF Heated Filter in sample lines
JCT Analysentechnik

Heated sample hoses are used to transport the measured sample gas from the probe to the analysis system. The HAF hose has an integrated and heated filter and is therefore suitable for mobile or FID applications.

  • Quick and easy ready for use

  • Easy handling

  • Different sample tubes adaptable

  • Easy to change heated filter element

  • No condensate formation

  • Excellent insulation

  • Optimum heat distribution


  • Heated JCT sample lines JH3F(R) and JH3FG(R) with integrated filter
  • Completely heated up to 200°C
  • Filter housing stainless steel SS316Ti (PTFE-coated or Hastelloy as option)
  • Ceramic filter element (5 µm or 20 µm)
  • Jacket PA-corrugated hose or PA-braid
  • Fixed or interchangeable core
  • Completely assebled
  • Ready for connection with temperature controllers series HT


  • For easy extractive mobile gas analysis
  • For gas sampling in dusty and humid processes
  • For removal of dust from the sample gas
  • In combination with portable analysers
  • For protection of the analyser and to prevent measurement faults

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