JPXE4 Temperature Controller

JPXE4 Temperature Controller
JCT Analysentechnik

The Universal temperature controller fits all JCT heated hoses and is characterized by its high reliability, easy installation and high isolation voltage.

Digital temperature controller and Solid State Relay combination for all (very long) JCT heated sample lines.

For operation with elevated safety requirements due to a limiter function with permanent shut down and status message.

Can be used for PWM-heating applications.

  • Long lifetime due to Solid State Relay instead of electro mechanic relais

  • Excess temperature limiter with permanent shut down and low temperature alarm

  • Operating current of 100 VAC to 240 VAC

  • Self optimising (Autotuning)

  • Programmable status contacts

  • Easy installation and set up

  • High reliability

  • Robust compact design


  • Ready for use combination of digital temperature controller JPXE4 and Solid State Relay
  • RGC with up to 30 A switching capacity
  • 4-digits LED-indication of set point and actual value
  • For PT 100 and thermocouples
  • JPXE4 for front panel mounting or optional for wall or rail mounting
  • Solid State Relay RGC for rail mounting
  • For single and 3 phase application
  • SSR with varistor protection output
  • Self-lifting terminals

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