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MKS Precisive 5 Gas Analyser
MKS Precisive

Precisive’s online and real-time infrared gas analysers use an innovative all-optical technology with the sensitivity and specificity comparable with Gas Chromatographs but without the need for analyser calibration, these highly advanced analysers are as effective, more efficient and less costly than traditional GC-based monitoring systems.

Tried and tested in some of the harshest field environments, MKS – Precisive aims to develop real-world solutions for the environment you work in. This technology has resulted in astounding benefits. With an extremely robust design at less than half the cost of traditional Gas Chromatographs and no need for analyser calibration, these systems offer incredible value for money with very low maintenance required.

MKS – Precisive’s incredible technology is more efficient than Gas Chromatographs with real-time response, multi-compound detection and high sensitivity.

Australian Dynamic Technologies are Australian distributers for MKS – Precisive on-line and real-time infrared gas analysers. Using an innovative all-optical technology with “GC like” sensitivity and specificity, these products have built in, permanent analyser span calibration. These highly advanced infrared gas analysers are as effective, more efficient and less costly than traditional GC-based monitoring systems.

  • Natural gas analysis (processing, transmission, storage, distribution)

  • Heating value & Wobbe measurement

  • Power-gen (turbine, IC engine, fuel cell)

  • Alternative (biogas, syngas) fuels

  • LNG/LPG/BOG analysis

  • Alternative to Gas Chromatography

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Features & Benefits

  • Built in, permanent span analyser calibration
  • Real-time response for analysis
  • Wide variety of gases can be measured from ultra violet, near infrared and infrared spectrums
  • Remote and completely unattended operation
  • Multi-compound detection
  • GC-like speciation
  • High sensitivity (can measure ppb, ppm, %)
  • Excellent linearity and stability
  • Wide operating and sample gas temperature performance
  • Through-mode analysis of gases and liquids (no sampling)
  • Extremely robust design
  • No calibration or carrier gas, no consumables
  • Less than half the cost of traditional GC-based systems

In a number of applications, it can be important to perform analysis of C1 to C5 alkane gases which include propane, butanes, methane, ethane and pentanes, for exmaple BTU measurement and analysis of biogas and natural products. Residual oxygen (or Calorimeter as it is well known) approaches have been costly and required substantial servicing and maintenance. The Gas Chromatography technique has provided the ability to separate compounds with a high degree of selectivity.

Technical Specifications
Type Real-time Gas Analyzer
Measurement Technique Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™)
Zero Drift Not to exceed 0.2% per month; Maximum of 0.5% throughout life of bulb (~ 18 months)
Sample Pressure 0.1-5 psig
Flow Rate 0.1-2 L/min Contact MKS for higher or custom ranges
Sample Cell 0.35m pathlength, 100mL volume
Weight 12kg (25.8lbs)
Power Requirements 24 VDC or 100 – 240 VAC
Operating Temperature -20 to 50°C
-20 to 48°C (ATEX)
Communication Modbus over Ethernet or RS485
Dimensions Width: 17.25 in. (438.2 mm)
Depth: 6.60 in. (167.6 mm)
Height: 11.25 in. (285.8 mm)
Certifications Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D, T4
Class 1, Zone 2, AEx nA nC IIC T4 Gc
Ex nA nC nL IIC T4 Gc
Sira 13ATEX4316
Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc
IECEx CSA 14.0049
Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc

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