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Portable Gas Detectors

The portable natural gas detectors & meters supplied by Australian Dynamic Technologies are manufactured to detect toxic, combustible and flammable gas leaks, as well as provide a variety of Occupational Health & Safety functions such as portable safety monitoring for oxygen depletion levels.

Our detection units are lightweight and designed to be handheld or clipped onto your belt for continuous gas monitoring in different atmospheric environments. We stock single and fixed detectors from Honeywell Analytics who build gas instruments that easy to use, portable, come with a range of safety elements and include features such as visual and audible alarms.

Each of our gas meters is suitable for a variety of portable applications such as environment monitoring, substance detection, multi-gas monitors and personal safety protection. Whether you need monitors to detect a substance, or toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, Ammonia, Sulfur dioxide etc we will be able to recommend and supply the product best suited for you and your gas safety needs. We only supply gas monitors that are built tough and has been shown to be very reliable. We ensure all gas detectors that we supply have easy to follow equipment calibration systems for ease of use.

GasAlert MicroClip XL

Simple operation, rugged, low cost gas detection that is very portable and well-suited for confined spaces.

BW Clip Gas Detectors

Personal and portable gas detection with a continuous run time of 2 years with no charging as well as no need to service.

GasAlert MicroClip X3

Excellent gas detection, extended warranty and new oxygen safety sensor that extends device longevity.

GasAlert Micro 5

Highly versatile gas detection for protection of up to five atmospheric hazards.

Honeywell BW Ultra Multi Gas Detector

Portable five-gas detection designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces.

GasAlert Quattro Detector

Four-gas detection with an impressive list of features and easy one button operation. Simple calibration.

Honeywell BW Solo

Single gas detection with BLE connectivity that provides real-time visibility.

GasAlert Extreme

Built to be durable and comfortable. Single portable gas detection with Honeywell reliability.

Honeywell BW Clip

Convenient gas detection with up to three years continuous run time with no need for battery or sensor replacement.

GasAlert Max XT II

Detector for monitoring of confined spaces and comes with a motorised pump for remote sampling.

Confined Space Gas Detectors

Confined Space Kit

We supply either Standard or Deluxe Package Confined Space kits. Click through to read more information on each product.

Honeywell BWClip MicroDock II

A cost efficient way to calibrate and bump test monitors.

Leading distributor of Honeywell Analytics

Australian Dynamic Technologies is one of the leading distributors of Honeywell portable gas detection safety equipment in Sydney, New South Wales.

Our huge range of gas monitors & portable gas detectors includes:

  • Personal safety protection single detectors & meters, which provide individuals with detection of a large range of hazards.
  • Accessories, we even have some pre-made kits available for immediate shipping.
  • Portable multi gas detectors, including the most ever popular GasAlert MicroClip XT and GasAlert MicroClip XL.
  • Various sensor options to suit your specific safety and/or substance application.
  • The very latest in 5-gas monitor technology including the Honeywell BW Ultra.

Methane Gas Detector

Odourless and colourless, methane is a flammable gas and is a member of the alkane hydrocarbons. It can explode when in concentration between 5% and 15%. Its primary use is that of a fuel to generate light as well as heat. These detectors are heavily use in the mining industry. Methane is flammable and combustible with oxygen.

Ammonia Gas Detector & Accessories

Ammonia, or NH3, is a gas compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. When inhaled, people will experience burns to their windpipe and lungs. High concentrations in the air can cause an instant burning of the nose, throat and eyes. High concentrations can cause lung damage, blindness and even death.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

Carbon Dioxide is non-toxic in nature however can cause death by asphyxiation. Even if there is adequate oxygen in the environment, suffocation can occur in certain concentration. Its density is approx. 60% greater than dry air. Your body’s organs can be at risk of harm if your carbon dioxide levels are too high.

Benzene Gas Detector

Benzene, C6H6 is classed as a hydrocarbon. It has been known to cause bone marrow damage in humans, along with a decrease in red blood cell count which can lead to anemia. Longer-term exposure can place someone at risk of leukemia or cancer of blood forming organs.

Sulphur Dioxide Detector

SO2 or Sulfur Dioxide can adversely affect human health when breathed in. It causes irritation of the airways (nose & throat) and is known to cause shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. It should also be noted that skin contact with SO2 can cause burns.

Hydrogen Sulfide Detectors

Hydrogen Sulphide is a colourless chalcogen hydride gas with a strong odor similar to rotten eggs. It is highly poisonous, flammable and corrosive. Exposure to high concentrations, 100 ppm or higher, of hydrogen sulphide can kill humans in just a few seconds.

Hydrogen Cyanide Detector

HCN or Hydrogen Cyanide is a toxic substsance, liquid/colourless gas. Also known as prussic acid, it is a chemcial compound that can be very poisonous as well as flammable. It has a odour similar to bitter almonds and is fast acting. Inhaling small amounts can cause headaches, weakness and vomits, inhaling large amounts can be quickly fatal.

Methyl Bromide Detector

Mainly use for fumigation, methyl bromide is highly toxic. Within Australia, the use of methyl bromide stopped in 2005 with the exception of QPS (quarantine) uses. Methyl bromide is harmful to humans and inhalation can cause lung damage.

Chlorine Gas Detectors

Chlorine is a substance that is absorbed by the human body via inhalation and through the skin. At high concentrations, inhaling chlorine gas can cause asthma like symptoms which include tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing and wheezing. Other common symptoms include vomiting, slipping into a coma and even death.

A Detector For Every Environment

Our friendly staff are on standby and will be happy to help with any gas monitoring questions you have, they can be contacted via phone call or email. Want to know the best gas detectors for your needs? Contact our Sydney New South Wales office a call! We service all states including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Darwin. All gas products are available for fast shipping Australia wide. We can supply a complete range of portable gas detectors designed for enhancing personal safety in a variety of environments. Contact our friendly staff today via phone or email for full details on any of our offerings.

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