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Multi Gas Detectors

Whether it’s for confined space, spot leak tests or mobile use, Australian Dynamic Technologies in house experts can offer advice on selection, operation and maintenance of your portable gas detection monitor. The BW Gas Alert range (by Honeywell analytics) offer market leading portable gas detectors for all applications.

There is a large range of single and Multi-gas detectors available, with a compact lightweight design. The wide range of accessories available allow users convenient access to their gas monitors at all times.

ADT’s highly trained technicians provide in house and on site servicing. Our Calibration Data management system keeps track of calibration requirements, and also provides automated email alerts to notify end user of the up coming calibration requirement.

Honeywell Multi Gas Detectors

Low cost, small size, and an easy to use user experience. Confined Space Compliance made simple.

GasAlertMicroClip XL

The GasAlertQuattro is a tough and reliable four-gas detector which includes a huge range of features.


World leading 4 Gas Detector with extended warranty and unrivaled reliability.

GasAlertMicroClip X3

Providing protection from up to 5 atmospheric hazards including oxygen, combustible and toxic gases.

GasAlertMicro 5 series
Honeywell BW Clip4 Black

Compliance Gas Detector. 2 year continuous run time. No Charging. No Servicing. Its on!

BW Clip4

The GasAlert MaxXT II supplied with sample hose and built in pump standard for hazardous area entry.

GasAlert MaxXT II
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Please don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and knowledgeable ADT staff to determine what type of system would best fit your needs.

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