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Products designed with mobility in mind. We offer a range of specialist portable gas detectors to suit your requirements.

portable gas detectors

Open Path Detection can increase the safety of your work environment, we provide products that can withstand the harshest conditions.

open path gas detection
wall mounted breathalysers

We specialise in the sale of industrial hand held and personal breathalysers along with wall mount alcohol breathalysers.

Air Odour Monitor

Simultaneous ambient pollutant and odour emission monitoring system based on high accuracy (ppb
level) sensing technology.

air and odour monitoring

We provide a full range of accurate and reliable fixed gas detection monitors to detect toxic and combustible gases.

fixed gas detectors

We custom design dependable and accurate state-of-the-art tube bundle systems specifically for underground coal mines.

tube bundle systems

Dehumidifiers, flow meters, filter and pumps for refinery, chemical, utility, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

sample conditioning
Caliport Calibration Gas

Chemtron’s Portable Calibration Gas Standards for Detectors provide a cost effective and accurate way to calibrate your gas detector.

calibration gas

We can provide an extensive range of infrared gas analysers to ensure you receive the right option to meet your specific needs.

gas analysers

Bypass/purge pumps, diaphragm sample pumps, flame arrestors, end of line filter assemblies, seal panel sample assemblies and more!

tube bundle equipment

Fugitive emission, Flare emission and Leak detection along oil pipe lines, all able to be monitored remotely from heights of up to 150m.

drone air sampling
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Please don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and knowledgeable ADT staff to determine what type of system would best fit your needs.