portable personal breathalyser ky-8300

Personal Breathalyser – KY8300

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ADT’s most advanced personal breathalyser, the KY-8300 offers users precise and quick, breath alcohol tests in a user-friendly and compact form. The intuitive operation allows precise measurement results to be obtained within a very short period of time.

Advanced Features:

  • Fuel Cell Technology – highly specific to alcohol and unaffected by other breath contaminants
  • Simple operation with last test recall – useful for tracking rising or falling BAC (blood alcohol concentration)
  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. Reliable and long-time testing action with Micro USB connection – you can charge breath tester with your laptop
  • Time, Date and total tests conducted all visible on main screen
  • Compact gas circuit design and advanced analysis process assure fast, accurate and stable testing performance
  • 12 monthly calibration suggested with no lock out feature
  • 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase


  • Bluetooth Printer option also available – Please contact ADT Breathalysers

Package Contents:

  • 1 Leather case
  • 1 AC Charger
  • 1 DC Carcharger
  • 1 Data (USB) Transmission Cable
  • 10 Mouthpieces
  • 1 User Guide
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