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portable personal breathalyser ky-8300

Personal Breathalyser KY8300

The KY-8300 personal breathalyser is heavy on features and accuracy and affordable in price. Highly advanced, it provides fast breath alcohol analysis in both a convenient size and with a user friendly interface. If you are after further information on the KY-8300 (or to purchase) have a browse of our retail online webshop:

KY-8300 Breathalyser Features

  • The most advanced fuel cell tech provides detailed breath analysis without being compromised by other potential contaminants that can be found in someones breath.
  • Sturdy, and highly reliable built in lithium rechargeable battery. A MicroUSB cable is included so you can charge your breathalyser from your computer or laptop if you like.
  • Easy to use operation with a useful ‘previous test’ recall feature which allows you to track the rise or fall of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).
  • A large visual display shows the total tests completed along with date and time information.
  • Zero lock-out feature and we recommend calibration every 12 months if you want your device functioning at its absolute best at all times.
  • Stable, quick and accuracy you can rely on are the main features of the KY-8300 due to its design built around a compact gas circuit.
  • We provide a full 12 Month Warranty starting from the day you purchased.


  • This device can be supplied with a Bluetooth Printer. Please contact ADTBreathalysers for further information.

Package Contents:

  • Easy to read user guide
  • AC Power Charger for power socket charging
  • DC Car charger for powering up whilst on the road
  • High quality Leather case to protect from damange
  • USB Power and Data Transmission Cable
  • Comes with ten mouthpieces included
KY8300 Personal Breathalyser
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