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wall mounted breathalysers

Wall Mounted Breathalysers

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Australian Dynamic Technologies Wall Mounted Breathalysers BTA-30-C is suitable for Industry or Hospitality these accurate units are used worldwide with nearly 5000 operational units! Using Fuel Cell technology, this Breathalyser provides fast and accurate throughput allowing workers or patrons to be tested ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability. If you are after a breathalyser that is capable of giving accurate readings, be sure to use one built on fuel cell technology.

BTA-30-DAS Breathalyser Features

The BTA-30-DAS is available in Push Button Operation or Coin Operation. An internal pump purges the sample chamber after each test ensuring that any remenants of the last sample taken are cleared. The BTA-30-DAS also has a 30 day lock out system which prevents the unit from being used until it is recalibrated. The BTA-30-C Wall Mount Breathalyser also has optional internal data logging facilities which can store up to 500 tests per month and can be downloaded to a computer.

Australian Dynamic Technologies also sell “Calibration Kits” for the BTA series (please see Wall Mount Breathalyser Calibration Kits in products). A simple, quick way to check and adjust calibration of the breathalyzer.

Wall Mounted Breathalyzers, Government Departments, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and many industries in all states in Australia use breathalysers manufactured by ADT as their preferred breath testing instrument. Australian Dynamic Technologies can tailor the BTA to suit your individual industry needs.

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