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Alcomaster E3 Workplace Breathalyser

Workplace Breathalyser with Printer

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Many organisations require a breathalyser that is able to instantly print results. Such a feature is useful when conducting company breath testing whereby results can be printed and handed over to the employee on the spot. A built-in print function is just one of the nifty features of the Alcomaster E3-P. It also has the capability for GPRS information storage (via a SIM card) and accurate satelitte positioning thanks to the in-built GPS. As with all breathalysers supplied by Australian Dynamic Technologies, the E3-P was built on the latest fuel cell technology so you can be assured of both fast and accurate readings.

You can transmit results instantly to a remote server via the GPRS functionality, all you need to do is install a mobile phone SIM card of your choice. After installing the SIM card you will be able to see current GPRS reception strength via a signal bar display and you will also be able to remotely transmit the results of all your tests to a server on the internet. The results are able to be read via any internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chome, and can set a password to ensure only authorised staff can view them.

The device comes packaged with everything you need to be up and running from day one including, spare thermal paper for the printer, cable to charge the rechargeable battery via USB, a nice leather pouch to protect it from damage, a hard carry case for long trips, a wall AC power charge cable, one hundred mouth pieces, a screen cleaning cloth and a handy car charger for those who are on the road a lot.

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