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Alcomaster P2 Personal Breathalyser

Workplace Breathalyzer Alcomaster P2

The Alcomaster P2 Professional Workplace Breathalyzer delivers rapid and highly precise analysis of blood alcochol content (BAC). Its overall size is very portable and it has been built to ensure it is user-friendly.

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Alcomaster P2 Industrial Breathalyser Features

  • Includes both a talk-into or passive mode as well as a mouthpiece (Direct) testing mode.
  • Prompt and accurate breath alcohol level analysis.
  • The Fuel Cell technology incorporated into the P2 Workplace Breathalyzer has been manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is designed to be specific to alcohol and not influenced by any other breath contaminants.
  • Location position information is available via the incorporated GPS functionality which utilises advanced satellite technology to pinpoint locations.
  • Reliability, accuracy and speed are all possible due to the compact gas circuit technology incorporated into the build which also features the ability to handle various data sets.
  • Ease of use is ensured via the 2.4″ colour touch screen.
  • One key function controls provide a simple user navigation that anyone will be able to understand and use.
  • Ergonomics have featured heavily in the design and both Right-handed and left handed people will be able to use it easily.
  • Data for up to 4000 tests can be stored on the device. All data can be recalled, downloaded to a laptop for analysis (or backup) or even printed.

P2 Workplace Breathalyzer Kit Details:

  • Beautiful Leather case
  • Ten spare mouthpieces
  • Power AC Charger
  • Car charger Adapter
  • USB Transmission Cable
  • Instruction Manual
Alcomaster P2 Workplace Breathalyser Kit Contents
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