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Sensepoint XCD RFD

The Honeywell Analytics Sensepoint XCD RFD is versatile, flexible and practical. It is capable of remotely monitoring flammable gas in Class 1, Div 1 areas. Can be mounted up to 100 feet away from your transmitter.

An ideal solution for difficult to reach location or where you need to have the transmitter a distance away from the sensor. The Sensepoint XCD comes complete with remote monitoring capabilities for both its Oxygen and toxic gas sensors.

The sensor can be mounted to up 100 feet (30m) from the transmitter providing needed flexibility for certain situations. This monitor works well with environments where the detection point is hard to reach or where the detector would not be visible. Think of concealed areas or potentially outside of a room being monitored. For more information on our after-sales services please browse our homepage.

As with all Honeywell products, easy of use is again a key feature. All you need to do is connect the senor to the transmitter and it will automatically configure itself. You are of course free to modify the settings using the handy inbuilt LCD screen. The device also comes with useful magnet switches so you can configure certain settings without needing to open the unit up. These features provide a useful non-intrusive operation which can assist with reducing maintenance time and costs, also think of the benefits when being used in one-man situations.

You can easily view the colour backlit LCD screen from a distance with green lights indicating normal operation and flashing yellow lights providing visibility of faults and red lights indicating alarms.

The following settings can be adjusted:

  • Relay Operation
  • Scale
  • Range
  • Electronic tag number
  • Alarm set point

4-20mA output (industry standard), 2 alarm relays which are programmable, MOBUS comms and one programmable fault relay are all included and each Sensepoint XCD detector is supplied pre-configured.

The Sensepoint XCD Remote Flammable Detector (RFD) is purposely designed for use with remote mounted flammable gas sensors. It is the perfect solution when your sensor needs to be installed away from the transmitter.

Flammable Gas Monitoring

  • Fast response and accurate detection
  • Sensor can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the transmitter
  • Tri-colour backlit display
  • 16 to 32 VDC (24 VDC nominal) input voltage range
  • RS485, MODBUS RTU communication
  • Pole or wall mountable

The Sensepoint XCD RFD is pipe or duct mountable. You can install it at ceiling-level for methane detection or if your application requires you can also install at ground-level for propane detection. 2 fault/alarm relays (which can be programmed) as well an 4-20mA output (which is considered industry standard) are included in the transmitter. Calibration is a breeze and you can adjust the relay operation by the transmitters built-in LCD display.

A useful feature of the device is that there are no false alarms during maintenance as outputs are inhibited (automatically) when adjustments occur.

A Red, Yellow and Green safety light colours are used to indicate current status at a quick glance. If the tri-colour backlit LCD screen is showing a green colour that means normal operation is occuring. A yellow display indicates a warning and a flashing red colour indicates an alarm. This sort of quick glance display is very beneficial is the transmitter will be located in an area that is difficult to access, or if there are multiple transmitters located in the same area.

Applications Guide

Applications Guide
IndustrySpecific Area
RefineriesOil & Gas
Commercial BuildingsMechanical Rooms
TransportationBus terminals
Loading docks
LaboratoriesFume hoods
Gas storage
Waste Water
Treatment Plants
H2S scrubbers
UtilitiesCoal silos

Star Gas Rating Chart

Star Gas Rating Chart
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