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As part of our extensive product range, we stock a variety of gas analysers designed to serve a range of different purposes including automotive, environment, process and/or industrial use. We only provide the industry’s best tools and instruments so that you can be sure you will receive an accurate measurement for your various gases.

In summary, gas analyzers are utilized as an instrument to measurement the concentration of a target gas in a particular mix of gases from a process. There are different types of gas analyzers available which serve different purposes, for example, an infrared gas analyser will measure trace gases by identifying the absorption level of an infrared light through a particular air sample. Basically, testing how much of the infrared light is absorbed through the air. If the particular air sample has plenty of a certain gas, the light will absorb more of a certain frequency.

Please see the below examples of gas analyser products we have in stock that are designed to handle the difficult challenges of gas measurement in high temperature, hazardous environments.

Our portfolio offers the latest technology in infrared gas analysers with automatic analyser calibration. For added flexibility, nearly all of our systems can be customised to better suit your individual needs.

Gas Analyser Products


Highly advanced, effective and efficient online and real-time infrared gas analysers which utilise optical technology.


Infrared gas analysers, well suits for compact systems, able to measure levels of SO2, NO, CH4, CO2, CO,  and O2 in sample gas.

fuji electric

Infrared gas analysers, well suited for compact systems, with the ability to measure levels of O2, CO2, SO2, CO, CH4 and NO in sample gas.

california analytical

If you are looking to maximise safety and efficiency then real-time gas analysis can be of benefit to you. Depending on the product, gas analysis can be utilized for a multitude of different technologies including but not limited to infrared gas analysis, hydrogen purity analysis, zirconia oxygen analysis, and process gas chromatography just to name a few. Of course, choosing the best technology for your specific requirements is crucial and that is where the expert staff at Australian Dynamic Technologies can assist. We understand the importance of reliable and accurate analysis and are here to assist you throughout the entire purchase, installation, configuration and maintenance lifecycle.

Our range is backed by leading customer support from highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who have a combined experience of 45+ years in the business.

Advanced measurement technology, automatic analyser calibration and straightforward operating guidelines make these products excellent choices for a wide range of industry requirements. With an extensive list of infrared gas analysers available, Australian Dynamic Technologies can offer you the right gas analyser to meet your specific needs.

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