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fuji ZRE

This infrared gas analyser is capable of measuring concentration levels of NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4 and O2 in sample gas with capacity to measure up to five of these components simultaneously. This analyser is well suited for compact system designs and offers easy maintenance via a large-sized LCD screen.

This unit is optimum for use as a measurement system for combustion exhaust gas from refuse incinerators and boilers or various industrial furnaces.
Various optional functions such as auto calibration control, high and low concentration alarm, remote range switch and range identification signal are all available

fuji ZKJ

Optimum measurement system for combustion exhaust gas from refuse incinerators and boilers or different industrial furnaces, this infrared gas analyser system is capable of measuring, but not limited to, NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4 and O2 components in sample gas, with up to five different components, including O2 that can be measured simultaneously.

The mass flow type twin detector for high sensitivity and reliability make this tool resistant to interference in measurement readings, ensuring stable operation. This system is also equipped with an abundance of functions including O2 conversion, average value computation, automatic analyser calibration, one-touch calibration, upper/lower limit alarm, remote measurement range changeover and range identification signal output to name a few. ADT can help you configure the various applications to match your specific use.

With a microprocessor built in to an easy-to-see large LCD unit, observing the indications of all channels is fast and simple.

fuji electric zkj process gas analyser
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