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Buy Professional Gas Detectors in Australia

We supply a range of gas detectors to suit your needs. Whether you need a gas detector that is portable, fixed or open path, we have you covered. Our products have a variety of features such as easy calibration, single or Multi-gas, portability, tough build, state of the art accuracy, and reliability.

We can provide you with products to monitor toxic and combustible gases i.e. carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide etc.

We have a highly trained team of technicians that can provide both in-house and on-site servicing. We utilise a thorough Calibration Data Management system to monitor and track your specific calibration requirements and send through email notification alerts when calibrations are required.

portable gas detectors

Portable, rugged, easy calibration, accurate, reliable and able to handle the toughest of field conditions – we only stock products you can rely on. Our hand-held range of products are lightweight and can be clipped on for easy portability. Features include visual and audible alarms, rechargable long-life battery, water protection (IP68 rating), and strong construction able to survive 20 foot drops.

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Gas Detector - Portable

fixed gas detectors

Our fixed-point gas detection product range spans across electrochemical, catalytic bead, open-path and point Infrared measurement techniques. They are designed for quick response and highly accurate detection. We stock the latest Honeywell products due to their rugged construction, ability to operate in tough climates (-40° to +65°C / -40° to +150°F temperature) and peace of mind warranties.

We understand how difficult it can be at times choosing the right product for your specific needs, that is why we have a team of application experts on stand-by ready to help with everything from selection to installation to operation and maintenance.

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Gas Detector - Fixed

open path gas detectors

We carry open path gas detectors for single and multiple path detection. The Boreal GasFinder MC for example can monitor up to eights paths simultaneously. Other products we stock, such as the Boreal GasFinder3 Laser Gas monitor can be used for continuously measure GHG emissions i.e. CO2, CH4 and is very well suited for landfill type sites.

Open path detection can be useful when you have a large coverage area. We supply products which have features such as single or multi-channel use, built-in auto calibration and fast response rate. Speak to our experts today to find which open path gas detector best suits your requirements.

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Gas Detector - Open Path
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