multi-channel tdl analyser

GasFinder MC is a multiple path system that can monitor up to eight paths at the same time. These paths can be open, process, stack/duct or any combination of these. GasFinder MC is primarily used for fixed installations and in hazardous areas.

Using the multiple path capability of GasFinder MC, it is now possible to provide complete perimeter coverage at relatively low cost. This unit is gas specific, meaning there are no interferences. With path lengths from one to 500 metres and response times as fast as one second, this multiple path open path gas detection unit is robust, reliable and proven. It also offers easy set-up, no calibration needs and no consumables. With built-in self-diagnostics, this gas detection system is convenient and low maintenance.

Boreal Multi Channel TDL Analysers deliver accurate readings even after repeated high concentration gas exposures.


  • Built-in data logger and historian
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fast response times
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No interference with other gases
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