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Buy Gas Dividers in Australia

Sonimix Gas Dividers

Here at Australian Dynamic Technologies we provide a range of gas products including gas dividers and generators with various features including, LCD touch screens, earthquake sensors and gas generation on demand just to name a few.

We stock solutions that provide safe alternatives for gas cylinders (high pressure). The H2 NM Plus for example has a high purity hydrogen generator (99.9999%) which naturally provides excellent benefits when compared to nitrogen or helium in regards to analysis speed, sensitivity as well as resolution.

Our gas dividers can be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Process control instrumentation calibration.
  • Ambient air monitor calibration.
  • Generation of mixtures for scientific research purposes or testing.
  • Continuous stack gas analyser calibration.
  • Emission analyser calibration.

We stock products from the world’s leading gas divider manufacturers including LNI Swissgas and California Analytical Instruments.

Please have a browse of our product list below and don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff with any questions you may have.

All equipment comes with 12 months Warranty and our commitment to after sales service and training for these innovative products.

gas divider and generator products

FID and GC are ideal for this H2 NM Plus generator which is both an economical and safe alternative to high pressure gas cylinders.

H2 NM plus
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