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H2 NM Plus

The H2 NM Plus by LNI Swissgas is a ultra high-purity hydrogen generator used primarily for gas chromatography. Good uses for this generator are Flame Ionization Detection and GC which are two safe and economical alternatives to pressure gas cylinders. It features a 99.9999% hydrogen generator which offers great benefits over nitrogen or helium such as better sensitivity, resolution along with analysis speed. Purpose built to replace nitrogen or helium as carrier gas, the device has a tiny footprint and is very quiet in operation.

The H2 NM Plus generates pure hydrogen via the electrolysis of water, oxygen (as a by-product) is also generated. Electrochemical cell assembly is one of the major components of this device which features polymer electrolyte. Hydrogen which is generated then accumulates in the separator as well as the desiccant housing. There are no alkalines or free acids utilized. The only liquid that could contact the cell is deionised or pure distilled water. A pressure transducer is used to control internal pressure and a proportional valve is used to control outlet pressure. An automatic dryer is used to dry the hydrogen and it then heads through an outlet port on the rear of the device.

This H2 NM Plus generator is designed to provide years of operations with proper care and maintenance. No adjustments need to be made however we do recommend that the generator is inspected approximately every two years.

To ensure correct operation we recommend the following routine maintenance:

  • Clean the outside of the unit with a wet cloth, there is no need to use any cleaning agents and you do not need to clean any internal components.
  • Refill the water tank when the water level is reducing to a low level. The device has a ‘Refill water’ message that will appear to guide you.
  • Every six months it is advisable to clean the water tank and replace the deionizer bag. Alternatively, this should be done whenever the ‘Change Water’ alert displays.

Operation of the H2 NM Plus Hydrogen generator is guaranteed between +15°C and +40°C. The generator will not function correctly at below freezing temperatures. It is designed for indoor use only and should be placed on a level and flat surface which is free of any vibration. Installing the generator near a heat source may cause it to overheat and it is important that the air inlet is unblocked at all times, do not install the generator with any objects on either side. It is recommended that, at a minimum, 30cm of space is maintained for rear ventilation. Lastly, the generator should not be used in an unventilated room or near any sources of ignition.

The NM-H2 is an excellent zero maintenance system which features silent operation amongst its list of impressive features.

H2 NM Plus Features

  • No caustic solution
  • Shock / earthquake sensor built-in
  • LCD Touchscreen
  • Smart water circulation on NM-1000
  • Exclusive cold dryer technology
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