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Open Path Gas Detection
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Open Path Detection

With their durability and accuracy tested in a range of environments, you can count on the reliability of Boreal Laser open path gas detectors to increase the safety of your work environment. Combining high responsiveness with protection from false alarms, this type of gas detection system is an economic, low maintenance choice for monitoring gas levels in even the harshest environments.

With a wide range of open path gas detection systems available, Australian Dynamic Technologies will make sure you find the right system for your specific needs.

Open Path System Benefits

Open path gas detection compliments the use of other gas detection systems while offering significant advantages:

  • Increased coverage area
  • High speed of response
  • Built-in automatic calibration
  • Single or multi-channel systems

Talk to one of our friendly staff today to discuss which open path system would be best suited for your unique requirements.

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Open Path Detection Products

The GasFinder3 Laser Gas monitor is used for the continuous measurement of GHG emissions (CO2 and CH4), and is particularly suitable for monitoring landfill sites.

portable open-path

Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance are just some of the features of this plug and play Boreal Dual Channel TDL Analyser. Follow the link below to read more.

dual channel analyser

The GasFinderMC is capable of monitoring up to 8 paths simultaneously. Each path can be process, stack/duct, open or even any combo of these.

multi-channel analyser
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