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Sample Conditioning

No matter what your requirements, Australian Dynamic Technologies are able to supply a variety of sample conditioning systems to meet your needs. We can provide pumps to suit a variety of applications including refinery, chemical, utility, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. We stock IECEx flameproof and explosion proof pumps along with durable, leak-free diaphragm gaseous sampling pumps. Please take a few moments to browse our range below and don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff with any questions you may have on our extensive product range.

All equipment comes with 12 months Warranty and our commitment to after sales service and training for these innovative products.

Gas Sampling Products

Air Dimensions IECEx

Process control, industrial plants, and remote sampling are just some of the uses for these M-Series Dia-Vac pumps.

m series dia-vac pump

The R-Series Dia-Vac pump consists of a general purpose AC motor, double diaphragm along with a solid teflon head.

R series dia-vac pump

Leak-free and durable diaphragm’s allow for these Explosion proof pumps to be utilised in hazardous atmospheres.

R series IECEx pump

JCT Analytical Hoses and Sample Gas Conditioning

Lightweight and flexible allowing tight bend radiuses for reduced installation time and costs.

JH3F heated gas sample hose

The JCP series gas conditioning units offer an autonomous sampling system for treatment of flue gases for extractive measurement systems.

JCP sample gas conditioning unit

Heated sample hoses are used to transport the measured sample gas from the probe to the analysis system.

JHAF heated gas sample hose

Available with a range of options that can include moisture monitoring, integrated peristaltic drain pumps and/or temperature alarm.

JCM gas cooler

The Universal temperature controller fits for all JCT heated hoses and is characterized by its high reliability.

JCT temperature controller

Variable Area Flow Meters

Built with precision machined acrylic. Affordable, non-corrosive and low-pressure variable area flow meters.

2500 series flow meters

Easy to read, durable and accurate polycarbonate tube variable area flow meters.

3000 series flow meters
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