tube bundle equipment

Whether you are after a bypass/purge pump, diaphragm sample pump, flame arrestor, end of line filter assembly, seal panel sample assembly, LDPE tube bundle or single tubing we have your needs covered.

ADT’s highly trained staff are here to assist you will finding the tube bundle equipment which is fit for purpose and fit for use.

flame arrestor

Flame_arrestor copyDesigned for permanent connection into the sampling line of a Gas Analyser System to prevent possible passage of flame along the sample line.

end of line filter

EOL-1 copyStainless Steel Housing with a 10 micron sintered stainless steel filter. The filter only requires periodic cleaning saving costs on replacement filters. A Flame Arrestor is also included with the Filter Housing.

IECEx sample pump

r-series-IECEx-pump-largeWe supply Air Dimensions Explosion proof Dia-Vac pumps which can be utilised for a variety of hazardous atmospheres including Chemical, Utility, Refinery, Petroleum and Pharmaceutical industries. Highly durable, these diaphragm gaseous sampling pumps are leak-free and are well suited for gas sampling systems. Speak to one of our friendly staff to discover how we can custom design a sampling pump for your required application.

sample pump

m-series-dia-vac-pump-headerWe supply Air Dimensions M-Series Dia-Vac pumps which are well suited for gas sampling systems along with use in process control, industrial plants and remote sampling. They comprise of an oversized fan and special capacitor which is able to provide cool operating temperatures, especially when compared to other similar sized pumps on the market. To ensure its continued operation under tough conditions, the pumps contain heavy duty bearings and a built-in overload protector in the motor. To top it all off the M-Series Dia-Vac general purpose motors are UL and cUL recognized and CE approved.

bypass/purge pumps

Bypass PumpsADT Tube Bundle Systems utilize Claw Pumps from Busch for the Bypass/Purge system. We utilise Busch as they offer the lowest level of maintenance combined with the highest level of energy efficiency for industrial vacuum generation. Naturally performance is also a primary factor and Busch products provide consistently high performance across their product series.

The series MM 1104 BV up to MM 1142 BV are four manufactured sizes of Mink claw vacuum pumps. The whole Mink series includes claw vacuum pumps from 40 up to 1000 m³/h pumping speed.

Due to the sophisticated claw vacuum technology, Mink vacuum pumps achieve an extremely high level of efficiency, which has a positive effect on energy consumption and performance. In practice, this means energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional vacuum technology when operated at the same pumping speed.

The claw vacuum technology utilised is basically maintenance free due to the non-contact operating principle: none of the moving parts inside the vacuum pump come into contact with one another, meaning there is no wear at all. The need for maintenance is completely eliminated!

filter housings

ADT offer high-quality filter housings and elements from Classic Filters, which enable effective and efficient removal of contaminants from both gas and liquid applications. From coalescing to particulate filtration, we ensure that, for whatever purpose our filters are used, they perform to unrivalled standards.

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