Series 3000 Mkll and Mklll Transmitters with Sensor

Series 3000 mkll and mklll transmitters with sensor
BW Technologies by Honeywell

2-wire loop powered toxic and Oxygen gas detector for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – explosion proof and intrinsically safe versions.

The Series 3000 range of transmitters provide comprehensive monitoring of toxic and Oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres. Suitable for mounting both indoors and out, they are available in two versions and offer excellent versatility. The MkII is contained in a flameproof housing, has an intrinsically safe sensor connection and is for use in predominantly Zone 1 applications. However with the use of the optional remote mounting kit the sensor of the MkII can be mounted in a Zone 0 environment. The MkIII is for use with a separate suitable IS barrier allowing the complete transmitter to be used in Zone 0 applications.

These low powered gas detectors all feature a loop powered 4-20 mA connection, making them ideal for both new and retrofit installations. Users can configure the detector through the use of the easy to read LCD and intuitive interface while fault diagnostic software and a programmable calibration period greatly simplify maintenance procedures.

  • Reliable detection

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Reduced commissioning costs

  • Proven electrochemical sensing technology

  • Uses Surecell™ electrochemical cells, ideal for hot and humid environments

  • Long-life sensing elements

  • Patented ‘Reflex’ sensing element verification diagnostics

  • Integral surface mounting lugs
  • Optional horizontal or vertical pipe mounting bracket
  • Flameproof transmitter allows field wiring to be run along with other non-IS instruments
  • Plug-in sensor removes wiring
  • Can be retrofitted in place of Series 2000
  • IS sensor connection permits hot swap, reducing downtime
  • User programmable calibration frequency
  • Oxygen

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Sulphur Dioxide

  • Ammonia

  • Chlorine

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Nitric Oxide

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen Chloride

  • Hydrogen Cyanide

  • Hydrogen Fluoride

  • Phosphine

  • Fluorine

  • Ozone

  • Ethylene Oxide

Typical applications

  • Exploration and drilling platform
  • Production platforms
  • Onshore oil and gas terminals
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Waste water facilities
  • Utilities

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